Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Hugh this very important question. Here is my answer.

1. Terror threat. Kerry seems to think that all talk and love will answer the problem of terrorism. This tactic may work with a country or a government, but these terrorists have no sense of unity with anyone but themselves and their hatred for the West. No amount of talking will inspire a terrorist to stop hating. Bush understands this problem and is solving it in the best way possible, kill the terrorists, and bring the hope of freedom to those that have never possessed it.

2. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. I am sure that Kerry really inspires the middle class American to want to vote. Tax those who can afford it...Tax the rich...Tax the wealthy. What Kerry doesn't want you to know is that those who are rich, those who are wealthy, have lawyers, accountants, and tax advisers. Those who are wealthy can afford to spend money to AVIOD paying taxes. Look at Kerry, he only paid 15.2% federal tax on his combined $5.51 million in wages last year or about $840,500. Bush on the other hand paid his fair share (28%) or about $227,000 in taxes on their combined $822,125 last year. If you are going to talk the talk you better walk the walk.

3. Plans for Social Security. The biggest mistake Kerry has made this year is to never talk openly about his plan for Social Security. Maybe the best thing he could say is "MORE OF THE SAME!" Take a look at Alan Renolds' article on Kerry's plan for Social Security
Bush has a plan for social security, and it will work. Kerry does not seem to see that taxing the wealthy MORE will simply put a band-aid on this problem, not fix it. There are many more problems that we face in this decision but since I have already gone well over my 250 words I will stop there.


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